What began as an online book order for an early edition Walt Whitman, grew into an unlikely friendship between Sandy Barton, a teacher from Buffalo, New York and Anthony Chandor, an antiquarian book seller from Bath, England. Total strangers on December 8, 2010, Anthony and Sandy found that by December 10th they were hooked, so began their journey. Through the cold months of winter they exchanged daily emails, telling tales of their families, of their careers and of their vastly different lives. By March there were nearly 1,500 emails - enough to convince Sandy that it was time to turn their correspondence into a book. Her excitement about the project was met with less than raging enthusiasm. Anthony believed their "story" mirrored that of Helene Hanff's '84 Charing Cross Road'. Sandy had never heard of Hanff's book and stormed ahead with her idea. Abjectedly Yours tracks this unlikely friendship from its beginning, through life's challenges and triumphs, and eventually across the Atlantic for a face-to-face meeting. Their friendship spans a generation and two continents, yet it tenderly weaves two lives together in an enchanting, undeniable way. Abjectedly Yours treats the reader to a glimpse of life in Buffalo and Bath, of world travels and hometown joys, and of the precious gift two strangers gave to one another. Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and listen in on their conversations. See for yourself what grew from one simple email. For more info, pictures, and coming soon-author interviews, visit www.sandybarton.com.