Why more people use 550 Paracord Cord?

Building a proper survival kit starts with a versatile 550 Paracord by Campsnail.Co

Emergency situations happen when you're least expecting them, which is why they're called emergency situations in the first place. And when you're out in the wood, desert, forest or open plains, miles away from a sporting goods store or even Amazon, you need gear that's going to help you stay alive and keep on moving forward.

It's a multifunctional essential survival gear:

- The 550 Paracord is strong durable and versatile, which could be for camping, fishing, boating, and outdoor activities;

- Paracord is ideal for making durable,keychains, custom lanyards, bracelets, dog collars and woven belts. Paracord is made with flexible mildew free nylon making it the perfect rope for a makeshift or permanent clothesline.

- In addition to its general utility functions, Paracord can be used to fashion knotted or braided bracelets, lanyards, belts, and other decorative items.


Made from 100% Nylon

50ft long

5/32" in diameter

550lb break strength

Minimum elongation: 30%

7 inner Strands as official COMMERCIAL GRADE TYPE III


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  • Feature:

    • ☛ ·TYPE III COMMERCIAL GRADE: Our Paracord 550 by certified COMMERCIAL GRADE 100% NYLON type III with 7 inner strands. Rated at over an extra 550 LBS, 50 ft and 5/32" Diameter.
    • ☛ ·PERFECT FOR OUTDOORS: Tenting, Camping, Boating, Hunting, Survival Kits, Disaster Prep, Bug-Out Bags, and Crafting projects are just a few of the applications where our Paracord could be most useful. Strong but flexible cord is perfect for all types of outdoor activities and camping activities.
    • ☛ ·EXTREMELY VERSATILE: 550 Paracord is specifically designed for rugged utility applications requiring Strength, Durability, and Compactness. From Para-Cord Lanyards and Bracelets, to Key chains, Dog leash, Belts and other decorative items...These are sometimes tied in a fashion that can easily be unraveled for use in a survival situation.
    • ☛ ·ALWAYS INNOVATING: At Campsnail, We are happy to share the new using experience and idea with our customer, teach them how to use Paracord in the life.
    • ☛ ·LIFETIME WARRANTY: This product is covered by The Campsnail's Lifetime Warranty.

  • Binding: Misc.
  • Brand: Campsnail
  • Color: Army Green
  • Product Group: Sports
  • Product Type Name: SPORTING_GOODS
  • Size: 50 ft
  • Manufacturer: Campsnail
  • Part Number: WNAH01B00B