MARNUR Memory Foam Lower Back Support Cushion
Sedentary lifestyle has caused so much discomfort among us and we are all seeking ways to relax ourselves from sitting for long. Softness is provided by the MARNUR Lumbar Support Pillow, fully relaxing your lumbar and lower back during working or driving.

Benefits of the lumbar support cushion
The MARNUR lower back support cushion not only delivers relief to lumbar or back areas by correcting sitting posture, cushioning the pressure but also promots proper spinal alignment. It Helps with lower back pain, fatigue, back numbness, pregnancy discomfort, sciatica, scoliosis, and more! Take this lightweight and adjustable lumbar cushion with you everywhere to achieve optimal back stress relief.

Product Features
1.Product dimensions: 33*33*10cm.
2.Premium Material: this lumbar support is made of premium memory foam.
3.The lumbar support pillow cover is washable, but the memory foam is not washable.
4.The inner cover between the memory foam and the outer cover can protect the memory foam for long-time use.
5.An added hot & cold pack is included.

1.Please keep the back support pillow far away from the fire.
2.Please do not store the lumbar support cushion in a humid environment.
Please do not heat the hot & cold pack in a microwave for long.

Package Contents 1 x MARNUR Lumbar support pillow
1 x Hot & Cold pack

  • Feature:

    • ☛ Ergonomic with Uniform Support - Designed with ergonomic curve structure which conforms to the natural contour of the lumbar, the lumbar cushion helps promote correct spinal alignment and prevents slouching by distributing the body areas it contacts with support evenly, achieving relaxing sitting postures without putting excessive stress on the spine and minimizing discomfort from sitting for long.
    • ☛ An Added Hot & Cold Pack - Heat the pack in a microwave for symptoms like muscle stiffness and sprains or chill it in the freezer for symptoms like swelling and headache. You can also use the pack with the lumbar pillow together for relieving the lumbar pain and other added comfort depending on your preference.
    • ☛ Premium Materials - The lumbar support cushion is made of premium memory foam which features high density and provides ideal tailored lumbar support. The memory foam cushion is also of great resilience and will naturally return to its normal shape from high pressure, which ensures long-time use and means no need of fluffing the cushion all the time.
    • ☛ Versatile and Universal Use - With dimension 33*33*10cm, the back cushion can be secured to the back of different chairs or seats (like office chairs, wheelchairs and car seats) in place and transforms them into the ergonomic support with the adjustable buckle strap, no worry of falling or slipping.
    • ☛ Hygienic Use and Further Protection - Removable and machine-washable outer zippered cover of the back lumbar cushion promotes easy care and hygienic use while the inner cover further helps keep the foam memory clean.

  • Brand: MARNUR
  • Product Group: Kitchen
  • Product Type Name: HOME_BED_AND_BATH
  • Manufacturer: MARNUR
  • Part Number: MRHC-KH30