MARNUR Memory Foam Lower Back Support Cushion
Sedentary lifestyle has caused so much discomfort among us and we are all seeking ways to relax ourselves from sitting for long. Softness is provided by the MARNUR Lumbar Support Pillow, fully relaxing your lumbar and lower back during working or driving.

Benefits of the lumbar support cushion
The MARNUR lower back support cushion not only delivers relief to lumbar or back areas by correcting sitting posture, cushioning the pressure but also promots proper spinal alignment. It Helps with lower back pain, fatigue, back numbness, pregnancy discomfort, sciatica, scoliosis, and more! Take this lightweight and adjustable lumbar cushion with you everywhere to achieve optimal back stress relief.

Product Features
1.Product dimensions: 33*33*10cm.
2.Premium Material: this lumbar support is made of premium memory foam.
3.The lumbar support pillow cover is washable, but the memory foam is not washable.
4.The inner cover between the memory foam and the outer cover can protect the memory foam for long-time use.
5.An added hot & cold pack is included.

1.Please keep the back support pillow far away from the fire.
2.Please do not store the lumbar support cushion in a humid environment.
Please do not heat the hot & cold pack in a microwave for long.

Package Contents
1 x MARNUR Lumbar support pillow
1 x Hot & Cold pack

  • Feature:

    • ☛ 【2 in-1 Back Cushion with Hot&Cold Pack】Of course you can choose a traditional lumbar support pillow without a cold pack; But if you choose ours, during summer, the frozen pack cools your sweaty back, making work or driving more comfortable; The heated pack warms your waist and back to loosen muscle tension and relieve back pain effectively; The reusable hot&cold pack can be used independently
    • ☛ 【High-quality Memory Foam】 Some ordinary back cushion are badly made and feature only good-looking appearances, which will deform and go flat after being used for only a few times; Our lumbar support cushion, high-density and hard-to-deform, is made of advanced odorless memory foam with high elasticity, well supporting waist and alleviating fatigue from sedentary life
    • ☛ 【Ergonomic Design】Feel uncomfortable with backache sitting on a chair for long? Our adjustable lumbar cushion, which well conforms to your waist and back, helps straighten your back with improved posture, especially helpful in relieving sciatica and pain on lower back and tailbone; Further relaxation from hot/cold therapy by the pack will surely make this cushion your favorite
    • ☛ 【Adjustable Straps】Ordinary lumbar support pillows will easily move or slide off a seat, and you have to adjust its position frequently when seated on it, or pick it up from the ground again and again.Would you stand this?Our lumbar cushion, equipped with adjustable buckle straps, can be securely fixed to the seat, no worry of it moving randomly, a great choice for car, home, and office use
    • ☛ 【Removable and Washable Pillowcase】Most of back support cushions do not go with a removable pillowcase; Can you tolerate a smelly cushion which gets stains or dirt but without a removable and washable cover? MARNUR support pillow, with a removable and washable pillowcase that can be washed at any time, promotes clean and hygienic use

  • Brand: MARNUR
  • Product Group: Kitchen
  • Product Type Name: HOME_BED_AND_BATH
  • Manufacturer: MARNUR
  • Part Number: MRHC-KH30