The Chef Remi company ethos is that families are the centrepiece of society and communities are stronger when they sit down together even if it's over a quick, wholesome meal.

Our company is 100% committed to designing quality cooking tools and gadgets to support busy parents that take the time to cook for their family.


A must-have kit for any household, the Chef Remi 3-cup set includes large 1000ml / 4 cup, medium 500ml / 2 cup & small 250ml / 1 cup measuring cups.

. Both metric and standard UK cup measurements are calibrated in easy-to-red, bright red markings that will not rub off, even after heavy use.

. Made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic, which will never stain, warp, or absorb odour.

. Comfortable, thumb rest handle design allows accuracy and control when pouring, but also allows the cups to stack neatly, perfect for small kitchens or where there is limited storage.

Appliances are a kitchen must-have, and an absolute steal at this price. Easy to clean with detergent and water, and also completely dishwasher safe.

Why food-grade plastic?

Pyrex is no longer made using borosilicate glass, which means it can shatter. They can also be heavy, making them difficult to move around and use, especially when full. Cheap plastic imitations absorb odour, and can easily stain and warp over time.

Sturdy, food-grade plastic is the only material designed to be extremely light and safe to use.

Chef Remi Design, Chef Remi Crafted - WHEN QUALITY MATTERS!

We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE not like our competitors. Try us, RISK FREE!

  • Feature:

    • ☛ LIFETIME GUARANTEE - The New Chef Remi 3-piece Measuring Cups Set comes with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Warranty. If you're not happy or satisfied for any reason, just contact us. Try It RISK FREE Today!
    • ☛ BEST TRIPLE PACK MEASURING CUPS - Original, mix-n-measure nonstick baking supplies available for the pro chef or family kitchen. 3pack comprising of large 1000ml / 4 cup, medium 500ml / 2 cup & small 250ml / 1 cup measuring cups, with both metric millilitres / litres and standard UK cup measurements for easy conversion. Food-grade, sturdy, BPA-free, clear plastic beakers that are resistant to corrosion.
    • ☛ ERGONOMIC NON SLIP HANDLE DESIGN - Innovative handles with thumb rest, designed for comfort and to give your hands a good grip when you pour. Deal for both right and left handers. This design also allows a nesting, stackable solution for easy storage (impossible with rubber handles). Bright red, embossed markings on clear containers allows you to view, add, measure and adjust liquids, and will not rub off. Non-drip, slanted, lipped spout / funnel for accuracy and convenience.
    • ☛ MAKES ALL FOOD PREPARATION EASY - Extremely light kitchen tools allow you to be confident and have consistency with all dry and wet ingredients when cooking. The world's lightest, portable measuring cups on Amazon, making them safe, easy, and a pleasure for anyone to use. One of Amazon's most popular gifts, and perfect to add into a gift basket for weddings, birthdays, holidays Valentines, Christmas etc.
    • ☛ DISHWASHER SAFE AND SPACE-SAVING: Our products are so easy to clean. Just throw into a dishwasher, or wash with soap and water. Will never stain, absorb odours or warp like cheap plastic, or crack and shatter like tempered glass or Pyrex. Our 3piece jug set are a must have replacement for your old metal, glass or Pyrex measuring cups.

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